20 Years of HUF Hardcover Book documents the first 20 years of the brand through interviews with the friends, creatives, crew, and personalities that continue to push it forward. Along with anecdotes from the OGs, the book features a deep dive into the brand’s work, including key collaborations, artwork, behind-the-scenes photography, artifacts, ephemera, and the pieces that never were. 

“Keith and I have diverse influences that all relate to each other, but provide a wide array of cultural beacons. The community we've built has a degree of underground nods that suggest the audience is "in the know," but none of it is intended to exclude certain cultural niches to make one point of view exclusive or elite.” Shepard Fairey

“HUF has always been provocative. HUF is not a brand started by a random rich person, but by a real skater. Skaters make noise sometimes.” Haroshi

“Even before we were working together, there was a sense of simpatico. We were both New York street kids who ended up with brands in California. You set the world on fire together and then you wait for the ashes to die out.” Eric Haze

Foreword by Yasi Salek host of Bandsplain and longtime friend of HUF. 

Interviews With Brad Cromer, Shepard Fairey, Anne Freeman, Benny Gold, Tommy Guerrero, Haroshi, Eric Haze, Chris Keeffe, Tomohiro Konno, Mega, Joey Pepper, Cleon Peterson, Remio, Scott Tepper, Slappy, and the OG HUF Crew

Contributions From Ryan Allan, Will Azcona, Mike Ballard, Jerry Beitzell, Joe Brook, Tyler Cichy, Ben Colen, Jake Darwen, Sammy Gluckman, Claudine Gossett, Ken Goto, Quinn Gravier, Nick Green, Haroshi, Mike Heikkila, Ryuta Hironaga, Greg Hunt, Robbie Jeffers, Atiba Jefferson, Omeez Jones, Brian Kelley, Robb Klassen, Nevyn Matthews, Dakota Mullins, Sagan Lockhart, De Martelaere, Osamu Matsuo, Eduardo Medrano, Zane Meyer, Ryan Moraga, Gabe Morford, Randy Nakajima, Mike O’Meally, Martin Reigel, Dave Schubert, Pictureman Studio, Paul Sun, Keita Suzuki, Josh Terris, and Nick Walker